Super Shock Football

Super Shock Football 1.2

Electric football comes to your iPhone


  • Fun recreation of electric football
  • Vibration effect
  • Two player option


  • A bit unstable

Very good

If you've never played electric football then you've missed out on one of the most tense yet annoying games of all time.

Now the famous board game comes to the iPhone, in the shape of Super Shock Football. The game recreates the thrill of electric football, charging you with the task of getting a bunch of randomly-moving players to score touchdowns and field goals. Yes, it is as tiring as it sounds.

Super Shock Football is very well presented. You can choose between six different teams and play against the computer or against a buddy. The controls are fairly simple, although in truth it doesn't feel like there's much to control, as you can't actually move the players yourself. Instead you have to pray they will run in the right direction and if they veer off course, try to pass to another player. There are a range of plays available in-game, where you can choose a formation to either attack or defend.

The presentation of Super Shock Football is very impressive. The graphics are fun, there's real crowd noises, and best of all, there's a vibration option which lets you recreate the electric feel of the game on which Super Shock Football is based.

If you're not into American football, or you've never been a fan of electric football then you'll probably tire of this game quite quickly and just get frustrated. It's worth pointing out too that the game requires a lot of power to run, and it did crash on me a couple of times.

However, if you're passionate about gridiron games, Super Shock Football makes for an interesting alternative to NFL 2010.

Super Shock Football


Super Shock Football 1.2

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